Magikarp Jump 1.2.0 Update – New Leagues and Events Available!

Another big Magikarp Jump update has arrived! A new league and many other additions are now accessible!

The next major Magikarp Jump update has arrived! Update 1.2.0 has added a multitude of additions to existing features.

Summary of the new Content:

・You can now challenge the Ultra League!
・You can now fish up new patterns of Magikarp!
・New events have been added!
・New Friendship Items and Decorations have been added to the Diamond Shop!
・Improved skipping function for scenes

The 1.2.0 update is the second major update that has been brought to the game. One of the more noticeable changes not announced is that the game has been sped up! You can now skip events and moving between events has been quickened.

The Ultra League involves 20 rounds –  the same length as the Heal League. You must complete the Heal League prior to attempting the Ultra League.

Eevee and Mudkip have been added as partners! You can earn them by purchasing the Soothe Bell (500 Diamonds) or by earning the Soft Sand by beating the Ultra League.

Eevee guarantees that the next training session will have the best possible result, and requires three hours to recharge. This is not the most useful skill given you can reset for the best event if you were patient. Mudkip grants an item at random every 10 hours and so functions similarly to Charizard.

The new food includes Casteliacone (unlocked at Trainer Rank 60) and Magikarp Biscuits (Trainer Rank 66). The new Training exercises are Golem Push (unlocked at Trainer Rank 62) and Soccer Ball Smash (Trainer Rank 68).

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A new Decoration, the Clefairy Doll, has also been added. This gives you a 20% boost to JP earned from Support Skills (e.g. Pikachu).

What do you think of all the new additions? Keep an eye open as we’ll be bringing the detailed breakdown!

Edited by bobandbill. Some information courtesy of Home.