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PCL Season 3 Signups Now Open!

Join in the fun of the PokéCommunity League’s third season!

After a nine month hiatus, The PokéCommunity League is looking to revive itself. PCL is The PokéCommunity’s premier competitive battling event. It usually involves four clans that engage in glorious combat on The PokéCommunity’s battle server to determine which is the very best (that no team ever was).

Before the new season starts, the owners have decided to host a tournament for the participants. This gives everyone a chance to practice, as well as provide some scouting data for when the clan heads pick their teams.

The format will be Smogon’s Sun and Moon OverUsed (the tier PCL uses), and it will be set up as a double-elimination tournament. Better yet, anyone who completes all their battles will be placed into PCL’s main event.

Signups are open until we get enough people to begin.

Come on down to the Battling & Team Building forum to discuss battling and team building, and join us in the 3rd PCL season!

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