4th Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission features Battle Tree

The goal is a quarter of a million BP earned from the Battle Tree.

The fourth Global Mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon has begun! This time the mission is all about the Battle Tree. 250,000 Battle Points (BP) must be earned by March 13, 23:59 UTC for the mission to be considered a success. Like before, a bonus exists for hitting double the limit as well.

A handy summary of targets and rewards are below. The usual 2,000 (or 4,000 or registered) Festival Coins (FC) rewards features, and the stretch goal grants you a Heavy Ball.

Don’t let Cynthia get in your way!

​​PGL Global Mission Prize Summary

Goal Not Reached (<250,000 BP):
• PGL members earn 400 FC
• Non-PGL members earn 200 FC

Goal Reached (250,000+ BP):
• PGL members earn 4,000 FC
• Non-PGL members earn 2,000 FC

Bonus Goal Reached (500,000+ BP):
• PGL members earn Heavy Ball

​Individual Contributor (3 BP, goal does not have to be met):
• PGL members earn 5 Rare Candies

Don’t have a battle-ready team? No worries! QR Rental Teams are available to try out and use for this Global Mission:

Remember that you can use QR Code Rental Teams that other Trainers have posted to the PGL in the Battle Tree. To get you started, we’ve created teams for the Single Battle and Double Battle formats for you to try out. The Single Battle team features Salamence, Aegislash, and Tapu Lele—a popular combination of Dragon-type, Fairy-type, and Steel-type Pokémon, all of which are built for incredible offense. The Double Battle team relies on Snorlax’s strong Belly Drum and a sneaky Lv. 1 Mimikyu, along with Araquanid and Marowak to add more power. There are a lot of fun QR Rental Teams to play with, so try out several to see which suits your battling style the best.

Are you planning to give this Global Mission a go?