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Fan-created invitational VGC event announced

The event features National and Worlds VGC champions, and is even sponsored!

The competitive battling scene has grown in the last few years, helped by the growing interest in Video Game Competition (VGC) and its exposure in Worlds. Just in time for the 21st birthday of Pokémon, a fan-organised Invitational VGC event will run on February 25th and 26th (5PM EST/2PM PST). Matches are to be streamed on Twitch and YouTube.

To celebrate the recent resurgence of Pokémon, ONOG, in collaboration with GEICO Gaming, would like to invite you to witness a tournament between the best and most storied Pokémon video game players of this generation. The ONOG Pokémon Invitational will be a battleground between eight greats that have all proven themselves in various capacities. Together, this field of players holds three World Championship titles, eleven National Championship titles, and an innumerable number of Regional titles.

The competitors are as follows:

  • Sejun ”Sejun” Park
  • Aaron “Cybertron” Zheng
  • Wolfe Wolfey” Glick
  • Dan “aDrive” Clap
  • Shoma “SHADEviera” Honami
  • Markus “Yoshi” Stadter
  • Alex Ogloza
  • Enosh Shachar

There’s some big names in the VGC scene, including the 2014, 2015, and 2016 World Champions in the Masters division (ages 16+)! The event is also sponsored by a 3rd party, which makes it one of, if not the first, VGC event run by fans with company interest. This seems fairly encouraging for the future of Pokémon in the eSports realm.

Are you planning to check out the battles of this event?

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