Second Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission announced

Unfortunately we fell short of the first one, but maybe we’ll pull together with the second Global Mission starting late this year!

The second Global Mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon has been announced. Starting on the 27th of December, participants will try to catch Pokémon through the Island Scan feature. The grand total is not yet known. Check out our guide on how to use the Island Scan feature and what Pokémon you can find through it.

The first Global Mission unfortunately resulted in failure. The official Pokémon Global Link site said it was “just missed”. Some would say ending up with under 16.5 million Pokémon caught – when the target was 100 million – is quite some distance however. (The exact number was 16,423,231). Perhaps if the mission had started at launch, we could have reached it. Europe’s launch date would have also sufficed. Some players may not have gone into the Festival Plaza either and hence many may have missed out on participating.

Let’s hope for success next time! You can still claim 100 Festival Coins (FC) from the receptionist in the Festival Plaza for participating, or 200 FC if you registered your game with Global Link.

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