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Pokémon Sun and Moon QR Island Scan

Find out how to make use of the QR Scanner in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and find rare Pokémon such as the Johto and Unova Starters!

Now that Pokémon Sun and Moon are out, we’ve compiled guides for all those items to find in the game! Need that specific TM to give your Pokémon the competitive edge? Missing on a Zygarde Core or Cell? Mega Stones eluding you? We have you covered!

QR Scanner

Point and scan!

The QR Scanner is a feature which allows you to add ‘Seen’ information for Pokémon not yet encountered. This allows you to check the locations of Pokémon you scan! There are limitations; the QR Scanner allows you to store up to 10 scans of different Pokémon, and a scan regenerates once every two hours. Individual forms, different genders and even Shiny Pokémon have separate QR codes.

You can share your own QR codes as well. By accessing a Pokémon’s Pokédex page, you can view its code. The exceptions are Legendary, Mythical and one-off Pokémon such as Type: Null, which cannot have QR codes shared.

You can access the QR Scanner from the main menu. Below is the full list of QR Codes uploaded to Imgur.


Another fun thing to do is to turn your favorite webpage into a QR code with a generator like this one and scan that! For example, here is a QR code generated for this article, it scans into a Male Pyroar.

Recently The Pokémon Company released special QR codes, worth 20 points each. That means you only need five scans to be able to do Island Scan!

Rare Pokémon such as Lapras and Stufful are among these.

QR Island Scan

Each QR Scan is worth 10 points. Once you reach 100 points, you unlock the Island Scan mode. By pressing the R button, you can scan the Alola island you are currently on for a wild Pokémon. These Pokémon aren’t in the Alola Dex, and include the Johto and Unova starter Pokémon! Each Pokémon is found on a specific island on a specific day of the week. You have one hour to find the Pokémon in its specific location. Capture it before time runs out!

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Note that once an Island Scan runs out, you’ll have to scan another 10 QR codes to start another. This means that you’ll likely be only able to do one Island Scan a day.

Name Type Level Location Day of Week
Cyndaquil Fire 12 Melemele Island Sunday
Totodile Water 12 Melemele Island Monday
Deino Dark/Dragon 13 Melemele Island Tuesday
Horsea Water 18 Melemele Island Wednesday
Klink Steel 8 Melemele Island Thursday
Chikorita Grass 10 Melemele Island Friday
Litwick Ghost/Fire 10 Melemele Island Saturday
Gothita Psychic 17 Akala Island Sunday
Spheal Ice/Water 19 Akala Island Monday
Luxio Electric 20 Akala Island Tuesday
Honedge Steel/Ghost 23 Akala Island Wednesday
Venipede Bug/Poison 14 Akala Island Thursday
Bellsprout Grass/Poison 16 Akala Island Friday
Marill Water/Fairy 17 Akala Island Saturday
Rhyhorn Ground/Rock 30 Ula’Ula Island Sunday
Swinub Ice/Ground 31 Ula’ula Island Monday
Duosion Psychic 33 Ula’ula Island Tuesday
Roselia Grass Poison 34 Ula’ula Island Wednesday
Staravia Normal/Flying 27 Ula’ula Island Thursday
Vigoroth Normal 27 Ula’ula Island Friday
Axew Dragon 28 Ula’ula Island Saturday
Eelektross Electric 55 Poni Island Sunday
Conkeldurr Fighting 57 Poni Island Monday
Togekiss Fairy/Flying 59 Poni Island Tuesday
Leavanny Bug/Grass 57 Poni Island Wednesday
Serperior Grass 43 Poni Island Thursday
Samurott Water 43 Poni Island Friday
Emboar Fire/Fighting 43 Poni Island Saturday


On December the 5th, the official Pokémon website will reveal the QR code for Magearna. This is a Mythical Pokémon not yet obtainable in the Sun and Moon games. The QR Codes are below:

Note: This code is EU ONLY.
The Artificial Pokémon.
The Artificial Pokémon.