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Ash Ketchum Appears In Newest ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’

Newest ‘Epic Rap Battle’ gives Ash Ketchum the mic. Will he win?

With Pokémon Sun and Moon just around the corner, it looks like the Epic Rap Battles of History wants to jump on the hype train.

On Monday, the popular YouTube channel released its most recent biweekly rap battle, this time centering around Ash Ketchum and scientist Charles Darwin. While some may be scratching their head on the reasoning behind this matchup, Pokémon is loosely based on the works of Charles Darwin, the man that led the way in evolution law and science.

The rap battle can be viewed in the video below:

Epic Rap Battles of History is a YouTube channel that focuses on putting fictional and nonfictional people against one another. Originating in 2010, ERB is currently on its sixth season which debuted on October 26th, 2016 with the release of a Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton rap battle. Their most popular video to date is the Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney rap battle which has over 127 million views.

How do you think Ash Ketchum did against Charles Darwin? Let us know!

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