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Creative Mind Creates LEGO Pokémon

Brick by brick, Pokémon comes to life through LEGOs.

One can generally say that your mind is only limited by how far your imagination can take you. Said principle can be applied to one specific individual who did just that with LEGOs.

Using the popular building block children’s toy, an individual by the name of Cephei Delta has created PokeMocs, an assortment of LEGO creations based on different Pokémon from across the franchise. Each figurine was made using already existing building blocks, but the actual finished products were independently created using their own blueprints.

Here are some examples of this person’s work.




Along with each Pokémon design, the creator has made step-by-step instructions publically available. If you would like to see their full collection as well as the instructions on how to build each project, you can find them on their Bricksafe page.  

Which Pokémon is your favorite that the artist has made? Let us know!

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