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Final Smash! Webcomic Creates Adorable Mimikyu Comic

The artist behind the webcomic Final Smash! has created an adorable comic for the new Pokémon Mimikyu. How does it affect your opinion on the Pokémon?

The introduction of Mimikyu as a Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon was met by mixed reactions by the fanbase. Many found the new Pokémon to be adorable, while the rest of the crowd either had no opinion or even found it a bit creepy. However, the creators of our fandom have found a way to paint Mimikyu as an adorable little critter. The artist behind Final Smash! have done this excellently, and thanks to their work, many Trainers have let this new Pokémon into their hearts. Final Smash!, a Tumblr-based webcomic created by Yayzer, focuses on Super Smash Bros. and other franchises. Check out their adorable Mimikyu webcomic by clicking this link, or see it below.

How do you feel about Mimikyu? Have any depictions of it changed your opinion at all? Let us know in the comments!