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BuzzNav: Kalos Trend Shoot!

BuzzNav is an article series in which Altairis sees what PokéCommunity members have to say about the Pokémon world.

Hello everybody! My name is Altairis, and I’m your BuzzNav host! In this article series, we’ll explore different aspects of the Pokémon world and see what the PokéCommunity members have to say about them.

Our programs might seem a bit similar to the TV Mauville BuzzNav programs that you might see in Hoenn. The first program is: Trend Shoot! This is where we explore trending outfits in the Pokémon world and see what’s currently in style.

Today’s edition will be looking at trainers in the Kalos region! And where else can we find this out other than the Pokémon X & Y section on the PokéCommunity forums? Let’s go see what members have to say about their trainers’ outfits!

Let’s see… it looks like long coats are trending in Kalos! Both Nah and Mato are showing off the long coats available for female trainers in Kalos.

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As for male trainers, ripped jeans seem to be trending! Both Kokobeans and kingdenas‘ male trainers sport ripped jeans paired with nice jackets.

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For hairstyles, long pigtails are definitely trending in female trainers. Both Nah and clefairydesuyo‘s long hair makes their look complete!

"I've kind of stylized my character as a Fairy-type Trainer" -clefairydesuyo
“I’ve kind of stylized my character as a Fairy-type Trainer” -clefairydesuyo

Another trending hairstyle is shoulder-length hair! A large number of female trainers in Kalos have this hairstyle.

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You should check out the Pokémon X & Y section yourself to see what other items might be trending! Next Trend Shoot episode: a glimpse at fashion in the Alola region.

Edited by Charlie Brown.