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Cartoonist makes comic icon Garfield into 1st Gen Pokémon

Shawn Bowers immortalizes Garfield by turning him into Pokémon.

You may hate Mondays, but there’s a good chance you won’t hate what this artist did.

Long time independent cartoonist and producer/writer Shawn Bowers has done the unthinkable, transforming iconic comic strip character Garfield into striking images of the first generation of Pokémon. Using the feline’s uncanny likeness, Bowers has been transforming the 151 Pokémon of the 1st Generation into orange parodies of the original designs. Dubbed Garfémon, the parodies can be found on his Tumblr page. Here are just some examples of his work:





It should be noted that Bowers is still currently working on the first 151 Pokémon, so check to see if your favorite Pokémon has been recreated in Garfield’s likeness. Other works of Bowers includes his Lost Dog posters which display funny fake messages  and The Graduation, a short comedy about high school.

Amusingly, Bowers also recreated the Pokémon theme song by putting in his own lyrics relating it to his Garfield Pokémon:

They want to be the fattest cats
Like no cats ever was
To catch Zs is their main quest
And eating la-sa-gnas

They will take the longest naps
Because they’re fat and wide
Each Garfemon is hates Odie dogs
They wish that they would die


It’s you and they
They’re Garfield monsters, hey
Garfemon, oh, they’re my best friends
Because I have no other friends


An orange-ish hue
And they hate Mondays too
You teach me and I’ll teach you

Garf-e-mon, gotta garf ‘em all

What do you think of Bowers’ Garfield-Pokémon crossover? Let us know with your comments!

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