[Updated] Another new Sun and Moon Trailer – Alolan Oak?

A lot of shots of the regions, cut-scenes, Fishing confirmed, and a bunch of characters glimpsed, including one who looks a bit like Professor Oak… Watch the trailer and see what we learn from it!

A new Japanese trailer has just dropped for Pokémon Sun and Moon – check it out below!

Alolan Oak?

Perhaps the most noteworthy finding is that we see – for most of a second – a character who looks a lot like Professor Oak, albeit with much darker skin. Those eyebrows sure stick out however. He has the matching name of Oak/Orchid/Okido (オーキド), but it has confirmed by the official website to be a relative! (Oak is a surname after all). Nariya Okido (his Japanese name) is a cousin of the Professor.

UPDATE: We know have his English name – Samson Oak. As opposed to Samuel Oak… He studies regional varients, and the official website jokes with “Regional Variant Researcher: Is This Professor Oak’s Alola Form?!”.

What else do we learn?

  • We get to see a lot of nice shots of the Alola region here in the first part.
  • Bruxish uses a move that may be Confuse Ray.
  • Drampa gets a neat looking move too, yet to be identified.
  • Salandit is seen using a Fire-type attack.
  • Riding Pokémon is shown again, including Charizard, Stoudland, Lapras, Tauros and Sharpedo of the older generation. We’ve seen these before though – but not riding Mudsdale!
  • Fishing is back.
  • There’s a cutscene involving Wishiwashi in its School Form while you ride a Lapras.
  • Pikachu, Cubone and Exeggcute evolve straight into their Alolan forms – they don’t have Alola forms of their own it seems, unlike Rattata and Raticate.
  • Alolan Exeggutor remains amusing-looking. It gets Wood Hammer again.
  • Alolan Marowak gets a Fire-type attack.
  • We then see a variety of characters, including Lillie and NPCs. Team Skull and Aether Foundation members also show up.
  • You battle Team Skull Boss Guzma at some point in the game. He has an Ariados.
  • Pokémon seen include Hypno, Miltank, Starmie and Corsola.
  • We see other characters striking poses and whatnot – the Trial Captains. You seem to meet Mallow and talk to her at one point as well.
  • NPC Twin trainers are seen – perhaps then Double Battles during the main game returns as well.
  • Z-moves are selected via a special button on the attack selection screen.

What do you think of the newest trailer? Let us know in the comments thread! Look forward to the next batch of Sun and Moon news on September the 14th, 22:00 JST. We’ll likely get information from CoroCoro beforehand as well via leaks.