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The PokéCommunity Get-Together is Here!

The fourteenth Get-Together is here! Come join us for an excitement-filled two weeks celebrating twenty years of Pokémon.

Every year the PokéCommunity runs an enormous and exciting forum-wide spectacular: the Get-Together. During the Get-Together, a whole new forum is opened up and filled with fun events run by various community members where you can get to know new people, earn fabulous emblems for your profile and enjoy the internet experience of the year.

For this year’s Get-Together, the PokéCommunity is celebrating twenty years of the Pokémon franchise and the joy it has been bringing us for so long. In accordance with this you can participate in a slew of Pokémon themed events including a competitive Pokémon battling tournament, a Pokken Tournament Tourney, the Anime Caption Contest, the Blog-Off competition and Pokémon-themed arcade games.

In addition to these events, we’re also running several non-Pokémon events including an Overwatch tournament, the Small Writing Competition and Hearthstone and iSketch games. We’ll also be running a constant chat section on the PokéCommunity’s Discord.

The Get-Together is always a fantastic time for everybody involved and we look forward to seeing you all there. You can visit the Get-Together forum here.