Sun and Moon Footage of Rockruff and Komala

Check out the in-game models for these two Pokémon!

Once again, a VGC event (this time in Korea) has given us some more footage of the upcoming Sun and Moon games. These focus on the two new Pokémon Rockruff and Komala. We get to see their 3D models in full now! Check out the recap video by Achromatic of the PokéCommunity YouTube team.

Rockruff seems to be a Pokémon of Professor Kukui, something we learnt earlier today from footage shown on the Japanese Pokémon show Pokénchi. We knew about these Pokémon from CoroCoro over a month ago, but it’s only recently that we got their English names.

What’s your opinion of these Pokémon now that you’ve seen their 3D models?

Video and cover image by Achromatic.