Zygarde’s new formes finally appear [Updated]

Two of Zygarde’s Formes first revealed in TV series have finally been shown in core series Pokémon games.

Update (June 6, 2016, 6:22 PM ET): International footage has been released, and while it doesn’t show anything the Japanese footage doesn’t already show, localized names have been confirmed. Zygarde Complete Forme’s signature move is Core Enforcer. The article has been updated accordingly.

Update (June 6, 2016, 9:22 AM ET): Official footage from The Pokémon Company’s Japanese YouTube channel shows a much clearer image of Zygarde.

The first video shows Zygarde’s 10% forme using the Thousand Arrows move (first seen in X and Y), before following up with Thousand Waves (also seen in X and Y).

The second clip shows, as Zygarde’s 10% forme is left with critically low HP, a new ability called Swarm Change (Japanese name) (スワームチェーンジ), which allows it to transform into Zygarde Complete Forme. It then demonstrates a new move called Core Enforcer as it inflicts massive damage.

Both YouTube clips also have a battle theme that you could say is reminiscent of the Kanto and Johto wild battle themes. Could this be Alola’s wild battle theme, or perhaps Zygarde’s unique theme?

Original article:

Zygarde’s various Formes have finally shown up in the games. During the Taiwan National Championships, footage of the 10% Forme followed by a change to the Complete Forme was taken. You can see the video below, complete with its best imitation of Zoro and excited cheering from Pokémon fans.

While it doesn’t appear to be showing up in Kalos like in the TV series in which it debuted, we can finally be certain that it is a canon Pokémon and another potential creature you’ll be able to stick on your team. One could presume that this, and perhaps the leaked reveal of two brand-new Pokémon today, is what we’ll see at E3 as well.

Check out our digest video of Zygarde’s new formes, straight from our YouTube channel:

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