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10 Facts About Pokémon Evolutionary Stones

The Pokémon Evolutionary Stones aren’t just gneiss – here are ten crazy facts about them that will show you why they rock!

Pokémon Evolutionary Stones have been a staple of the Pokémon games since Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, but it’s important not to take these sturdy items for granite. There are ten such stones in all, from the Fire Stone to the Dawn Stone. They may seem simple, but user Disaster Strikes wants to show us how much these Stones rock through ten little-known facts!

The video is full of gneiss facts around the usage of stones and the Pokémon that can evolve by Evolutionary Stones in the Pokémon games.  It was put together by PokéCommunity user Achromatic, a member of the Social Media Team. You can give the gem of a video a watch below!

What facts stuck out to you the most?  Did any of these facts surprise you, or do you know of any other pieces of trivia about the Evolutionary Stones?

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Video made by Disaster Strikes and Achromatic.

Edited by bobandbill.