The new, dark trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus is mostly static

It’s teased a new Pokémon or variant, but what is it? We sure can’t see it, but we have clues.

Just what sort of camera was used for the newest trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus? It’s less than impressive. The two minute video features a researcher discussing a Pokémon he’s spotted, but what we see is mostly static – just take a look!

It appears to be a unique way to tease a new variant or Pokémon. We got the following clues:

  • It is similar to Growlithe and Vulpix
  • It has white, fluffy fur on its head and around its neck
  • It has a red tail that sways
  • It has round, yellow eyes
  • It was found in the evening
  • It is cute
    • …and possibly murderous – or maybe an evolution of it is dangerous?

So what could it be? Arcanine is a possibility but it’s unlikely to be confused with a smaller pre-evolution of Vulpix. Could it be a variant for Vulpix, which was named? Maybe it’s a Hisuian variant of another four-legged Pokémon, like Litleo or Zorua? Or a brand new Pokémon entirely?

What is clear, however, is that the poor researcher may no longer be alive. Be careful when exploring, kids! The video static turns red around 1:45, which… has some pretty dark implications. What does it mean?

Edited by Rabinov and Sheep.