Community-organized Women’s Only VGC tournament to be held Sept. 5

The Twitter VGC community has come together to organize the first-ever women’s-only tournament.

Members of the Twitter VGC community have come together to prepare a women’s-only tournament to take place on September 5.

It’s been studied time and again that part of the reason why so few women get involved in competitive gaming has to do with lack of role models and lack of safety, among numerous other factors. After countless allegations of abuse and harassment rooted in sexist behaviors surfaced in July from the VGC community, it was clear even the Pokémon community wasn’t exempt from this. The upcoming community-organized tournament both celebrates the women who play the game while giving them a safe place to do so.

Organizers are currently working towards getting a stream and casters prepared for the event as well.

Women, trans-inclusive, interested in playing may find more information on sign-ups on the tournament’s official Discord server.

Are you a woman interested in participating in this tournament? Let us know, and good luck in September!

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