#FeatureFriday: Yamper and Boltund fanworks

The generation eight dogs have inspired some nice pieces of fan arts, and a pair of short stories too!

For this week’s #FeatureFriday, we’re highlighting fanworks of Yamper and Boltund! The pure Electric-type dog line hails from Pokémon Sword and Shield. We have both fanart and a pair of drabbles (100 word-long stories) on showcase.

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One time only

“Thought of it last night,” the youth boasted to his friends. He threw a Poké Ball at the Machoke wandering nearby, which popped out immediately.

As it looked about to see what happened, the boy’s Yamper responded to his whistle, sprinted to the Ball and returned with it. It plopped it by them, with some additional drool.

“Yes… well, I can use the same Ball again, see?” He threw it. The Machoke escaped again and this time caught sight of them.

“Get the ball, Yamper!”

Yamper took a look at the Machoke lumbering toward them, and decided to run off.

By bobandbill.


Guard Dog

It was the faintest sound, but the Boltund heard. Howling, she flung herself through the dog door and leapt over the fence, giving chase to the intruder. They were already away but she could smell their fear.

She rounded the corner and blitzed through the field. This time the shortcut would work. She made it to the road, and tried to bite a tire. The motorcycle veered sharply, and then accelerated away.

The dog tried to keep up but eventually gave up as the distance between them grew. She growled and turned back.

Tomorrow, she would catch that pesky postman.

By bobandbill.

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