Pokémon Masters new Letter from Producer released

New updates and additions to the game are in the works! What are you most excited for?

A new letter from the producers of Pokémon Masters has been released. As with previous letters, it highlights actions the producers of the game, Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi, plan to take to improve it in line with member feedback.

Some of the most notable changes coming in the near future are updated rewards for completing story events, beginning with the current Caitlin event. Gem rewards for training events, beginning with the Ice-Type Training Event on 14th November, will also increase. The log-in bonus which began on 1st November will also have its gem rewards increased.

The producers also mention an upcoming rally event for the month of November, where players get together to complete tasks and reach certain milestones.

Additionally, in December, the maximum level for sync pairs will be increased to 120! More courses will be added for players to obtain the necessary items, and current courses will have their drop rewards adjusted.

More updates are planned, such as a new event with a Trainer who uses Legendary Pokémon and adjustments to EX Challenge and co-op battle difficulty.

Further details can be seen in this Letter from Producer. The next letter is scheduled to release on 26th November.

Edited by Aldo.