Eevee confirmed to be the next Community Day Pokémon, Lugia returning to Raid Battles

Shiny Eevee is definitely going to be pretty popular – it has several evolution possibilities! Meanwhile, Lugia is back once more.

It appears that the next Community Day Pokémon that has been revealed is Eevee.

Eevee is a very popular Pokémon, due to being able to evolve into five (at the time of writing) different species. Given the large amount of evolutions Eevee will see increased spawns on both August 11 and August 12 for three hours each, at usual Community Day times for each region. Once more, there is a chance that players may encounter a Shiny Eevee. Along with the increased Eevee spawns, Lures will last for three hours, and catch Stardust will be tripled.

Eevee caught during the event times will know the move Last Resort. It is not currently known if there will be an easier way to choose your evolution for Eevee during the event, but now we know it won’t involve Hidden Power.

Meanwhile, to coincide with GO Fest in Chicago, Lugia is set to return to Raid Battles worldwide for the duration of the two day event, replacing Regice. It is not yet known whether Lugia can be shiny this time around, although it is a safe bet.

Are you looking forward to catching some Eevee?

Edited by bobandbill.