[LIVE] More Pokémon set to drop during Christmas period in Pokémon GO

Festive Pikachu, one-time egg incubators from PokéStops and new Pokémon, oh my!

Update: The event is now live. Delibird and Santa hat Pikachu have been sighted.

Starting December 21st at 21:00 GMT, an update is expected to roll out to Pokémon GO, just in time for Christmas.

A Christmas-themed Pikachu will be among the festivities, the rate of Ice-type spawns will be increased, and PokéStops spun between December 22nd and December 25th will yield a one-time incubator as part of the streak prizes. However, the biggest addition with the update is the addition of more Water-type and Ice-type Pokémon being rolled in, such as Luvdisc, Spheal and Wailmer.

As is expected during seasonal events, special boxes are available from the in-game shop, but this time around they will feature with a new item – Star Pieces. These will increase the amount of Stardust obtained for 30 minutes after activation, hopefully making powering Pokémon up much easier.

Which of the new spawns are you looking forward to catching the most?

Source: Pokemon GO Live

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