Pokémon GO Equinox Event has begun

You can also now buy Super Incubators through special boxes! Find out which box you’re best spending coins on.

The Pokémon GO Equinox event has now started. It lasts until the 2nd of October.

The event features double Stardust, rare Pokémon from 2 km eggs, and special boxes from the in-game store where you can buy special Super Incubators. Super Incubators have three uses, and hatch Pokémon 1.5 times as fast – so a 10 km Egg will only take 6.66 km to hatch. That means you’re only saving on distance; however, hatching Eggs quicker means you can get more Eggs during the event, ergo a better chance for finding new rare Pokémon. Plus – more Stardust!

The special boxes are as follows:

  • Special Box: 480 coins for 3 Super Incubators and 5 Lure Modules.
  • Great Box: 980 coins for 5 Super Incubators, 4 Lucky Eggs and 10 Lure Modules
  • Ultra Box: 1480 coins for 8 Super Incubators, 8 Lucky Eggs and 15 Lure Modules

If you only care about the Super Incubators, the Special Box is the best value for money.

Are you planning to walk around more for the Equinox event?

Edited by Jake.