Pokémon GO Raid Battles available to players above level 5

But is the level limit now too low?

The official Pokémon GO website has just announced that Raid Battles are available to all players who can access Gyms!

You and millions of Trainers, Level 5 and above, can now participate in Raid Battles at Gyms all around the world. Gather your friends and family, locate a Raid using the Nearby screen, and take on the extremely powerful Raid Bosses near you!

This is the lowest possible level for such a limit, as players below level 5 cannot access Gyms and join a team.

While it’s nice that nigh all players can access this feature, some may feel that the limit is too low. Level 5 players will not be able to help out much against any Raid Boss – even Magikarp will give them significant trouble.

What are your thoughts on the new level limit for Raid Battles? As a feature which seems to be aimed towards the higher-level end-game, has it now been sullied by including this lower level limit?

Edited by Radiating and Volpe Artica. Thanks to Achromatic for the tip!