Some PokéStops in Pokémon GO just became Gyms

More Gyms have popped up worldwide! You’ll have to wait for the update to come out before using them however.

While Gyms remain closed in Pokémon GO ahead of the upcoming revamp introducing a new system and Raid Battles, players should notice many more Gyms already. Some existing PokéStops have been converted into Gyms. One reason for this change is to make up for the lower limit of Pokémon defending Gyms (6 now as opposed to 10), and another is to simply encourage more battling.

If you live in a rural area however, fear not – Gyms will also now function like a PokéStop and give you items when spun. The only missing feature is the ability to add a Lure to the Gym. Additional items can reportedly be gained from Gyms if you contribute to battles at the same Gym you get items from as well.

Have you noticed any usefully placed Gyms by your home or workplace?