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Speculating Pokémon GO’s Easter Event

Pokémon GO players are potentially in for some eggcellent treats this Easter, but what will they be?

It’s been a few good months since we’ve had a holiday event in Pokémon GO, in fact the last event was the Water Festival event which has no connection to real life holidays (but does have connections to World Water Day). Now trainers are eagerly awaiting to hop into the next big event for Easter. No details have been revealed so far, so we can’t even be certain that this event will happen but it seems incredibly likely given Niantic’s track record. So today we’re pondering – what can we expect? What’s coming for the Pokémon GO Easter event?

Most likely the event will heavily feature the hatching of eggs. Whether they cut down egg distance times, give double candy and stardust upon hatching or just simply free incubators, we feel this is a given. What would Easter be without eggs? Though you can’t eat these ones they’d certainly be a delight to hatch. Perhaps we can even expect baby Pokémon to be easier to hatch during this event period?

Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing this screen a lot for the duration of this event!

Or maybe they’ll go for the simpler approach and just give away double candy and stardust for all hatches and captures during the event, much like Halloween? Perhaps we can expect bunny Pokémon (Azumarill comes to mind, at least out of our current pool!) to be more common for the duration of this event? Well, it’s all up in the air but what we can say is that this potential event is sure to get folks out and about, eager to make the most out of this celebration.

We’ve decided to ask some of Pokémon GO’s most dedicated players for their thoughts on the potential of this event. Let’s see what they had to say!

First we caught up with user £, an avid player and asked them for their thoughts.

I think it’d be absolutely crazy if it didn’t involve eggs somehow. Incubators? Packages with them? Perhaps a second infinite use incubator or a daily 1-use incubator bonus? Less likely is the possibility of getting rarer eggs or something. It’s been a long time since a double XP bonus/double stardust is likely to show. And I feel like there’s been enough of the “x Pokémon spawns more lately” but you never know I guess?

Ideally I’d get a lot of incubators, getting double infinite use incubators for the event would result in me walking a LOT. If they do Pokémon spawn rate changes, Mareep would be one I’d love to see more of. It’s a sheep! Spring! Easter! Surely it should be involved.

— £

Next, we caught up with another seasoned player VisualJae to see what he anticipates.

I was surprised to see Chansey/Exeggcute galore during Valentine’s Day. I get that they’re pink, but I figured they’d be more appropriate for Easter.

While Niantic could always rehash that event and reintroduce Chansey/Exeggcute (I don’t expect this, by the way), I lean more toward an event related to egg-hatching. It could be faster hatches—e.g. if eggs hatch in half the distance—or more egg opportunities in general, like if eggs drop more often from PokéStops or players receive free limited incubators reminiscent of the 2016 Holiday event.

I wouldn’t mind faster egg hatches. I need that Stardust!


Finally, we caught up with another dedicated player, Meganium, to catch their thoughts.

To be honest, when I think of Easter, I think of eggs. We all know that eggs are going to be involved in the event. What if we do get a higher egg spawn rate of 10K eggs? Maybe that could be something Pokémon Go players may want to look into if they aren’t getting enough 10K eggs. They could also get a complimentary incubator to quickly hatch those eggs that have been sitting there for quite a while, this could motivate players to get out and play, as well as walk around in order for their eggs to finally hatch.

You know, instead of getting a random Pokémon based on the kilometer scale, I was thinking there would be some amazing event where you would get a special egg with a special design on it. You know how Togepi’s eggs have a unique design, as well as most Pokémon like Eevee and Cyndaquil. I figured it would be a fun way to find random eggs with designs like those to quickly identify what Pokémon is inside those eggs.

Also, Lucky eggs need to be more available, especially for an event like this! Lucky eggs should last about an hour as well as double the XP not only for the eggs for the whole event itself.


Well, that sums up everything we have to say about Easter in Pokémon GO. Tell us below, are you excited to see what Niantic might reveal? What would be your ideal Easter event in Pokémon? We have a strong feeling it’s going to be pretty… eggcellent.

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