Espeon and Umbreon evolution methods revealed in Pokémon GO

Nicknames are the key again! Find out what to name your Eevee for Espeon and Umbreon. The other new evolution methods are also listed too.

The Pokémon GO Update featuring second generation Pokémon has gone live! One popular question from players is how to evolve Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon. We now have that answer.

The evolutions Eevee turns into is random like before. However, you can control it with nicknames, much like for Jolteon (Sparky), Vaporeon (Rainer) and Flareon (Pyro). You can get Eevee to evolve into Espeon by nicknaming it Sakura, and Umbreon with the nickname of Tamao.

Note that this only works for the first Eevee nicknamed this – otherwise the evolution remains random.

The other evolutions are listed below.

  • Crobat evolves from Golbat through the usual method (100 Candy)
  • Blissey evolves from Chansey through the usual method (50 Candy)
  • Bellossom evolves from Gloom via Sun Stone (100 Candy)
  • Porygon2 evolves from Porygon via Upgrade (50 Candy)
  • Kingdra evolves from Seadra via Dragon Scale (100 Candy)
  • Politoed evolves from Poliwhirl via King’s Rock (100 Candy)
  • Slowking evolves from Slowpoke via King’s Rock (50 Candy)
  • Scizor evolves from Scyther via Metal Coat (50 Candy)
  • Steelix evolves from Onix via Metal Coat (50 Candy)

Edited by Sylphiel. Video by Achromatic.