New UK Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals More English Names

Nintendo UK reveals a few more tidbits about Sun and Moon in the newest English trailer.

Nintendo UK released an English version of a trailer formerly only shown in Japanese. While the trailer is mostly the same, there are a few names revealed that weren’t in the Japanese trailer, and they are below:

– Ilima, a Trial Captain whose appearance and type specialty is still a mystery.
– Never-Ending Nightmare is the name of the Ghost-type Z-Move, while All-Out Pummeling is the name of the Fighting-type Z-Move.
– Three PokéRide options are Lapras Paddle, Sharpedo Jet, and Charizard Glide.

Check out the trailer below!

What type do you think Ilima will specialize in? What do you think you will have to do for her trial? Leave your comments below!

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