Minor Pokémon GO update released

More Pokémon GO Plus support is added – and speaking of which, it turns out it can do more than previously advertised!

In minor news, following the release of the Pokémon GO Plus in the past day, Pokémon GO for Android and iOS are starting to receive a minor update to accommodate the new device.

Incidentally, a few pieces of information have been discovered about the Pokémon GO Plus. While initially it was stated to not track distances (ergo, you couldn’t hatch Eggs or gain Candy for Buddy Pokémon) or allow you to catch Pokémon you hadn’t previously registered to the Pokédex, both claims have been disproved by players. Lastly, it only makes use of Poké Balls – not Great or Ultra Balls. Now the official Twitter account is starting to clean up:

Now doubt the Pokémon GO Plus will be more appealing to some players now given that information.