Pokémon Comes To Apple TV

Apple Inc. makes the upgrade from iPad to the big TV with this anime.

Apple TV owners rejoice! You’ve got yourself some anime to catch up on.

Released on June 29th of this year, Apple has struck up a contract with Nintendo that allows Apple TV owners to stream the Pokémon anime straight from their TV. Via the Apple TV app, users will now be able to stream every episode of the Pokémon show straight to their TV either online or offline.

To play episodes offline, users will need to manually select the episodes intended for viewing, which will then go to the My Channel section on the Apple TV. Users will also have the ability to start an episode on Apple TV, pause, and continue watching it on a different device such as an iPhone or iPad via the Pokémon TV app.

Apple TV is just one of the many devices that Pokémon can currently be streamed to. On top of Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, people can stream the anime show on Android devices as well as Netflix and Hulu.

So Apple TV owners, what’s your reaction to this news? Which episode will you watch first? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit to Rukario for the cover image.