Some extra cool new bits from Sun/Moon’s July 1 update

July 1 brings us some extra juicy bits from Sun and Moon that we didn’t see from Japan.

If you were paying attention to yesterday’s news, a localized version of that news was posted on The Pokémon Company International’s YouTube account today:

From this video, along with what we learned yesterday, we got some localized names:

  • Tapu Koko’s ability, in Japan Elekimaker, is localized as Electric Surge. It has a new move too, localized as Nature’s Madness, “which slams into an opponent and reduces that Pokémon’s HP by half!
  • Charjabug’s ability is called Battery.
  • Drampa can have one of two abilities: Berserk and Sap Sipper.
  • Bruxish’s abilities are called Dazzling and Strong Jaw.
  • Cutiefly’s abilities are named Honey Gather and Shield Dust.
  • Togedemaru’s are Iron Barbs and Lightning Rod.
  • While the footage on Zygarde so far hasn’t explicitly mentioned the presence of Zygarde’s many formes — the ones we first saw in the anime — we now know that Core Zygarde and Cell Zygarde are appearing in Sun and Moon as well.

Most of these bits aren’t news — instead, it’s the extras that The Pokémon Company International published on the localized Sun and Moon website.

A higher-resolution image of Komala.
A higher-resolution image of Komala.

Nekkoala and Iwanko’s localized names are Komala and Rockruff.

We also get to see official art for Tapu Koko, the first Pokémon we know with a space in its name:


Now you see Tapu Koko. Now you don't.
Now you see Tapu Koko. Now you don’t.

It looks like we’ll also have moments where we can ride a Pokémon again, too. Here, the player rides a Stoutland through a ravine.

Riding a Stoutland! Check out this sick helmet, too!
Riding a Stoutland! Check out this sick helmet, too!

And lastly, here’s a lush, green, cave environment. You have to wonder what it is.


The Japanese website states that more information will be available July 16, so stay tuned for more!

Thanks to Achromatic for the tip!