Pokémon passes 200 million sales

Gotta buy them all!

The Pokémon Company today achieved a new major milestone. Counting the recent eShop sales for Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, over 200 million games have been sold of the main games in the series worldwide, as of February 29. This count begins from the Pokémon Red and Green games released some twenty years ago in 1996.

The number is actually 201 million games. If you count spinoff titles as well, then you have 279 million games. Pokkén Tournament’s release within the next two days is sure to add to that further as well. Pokémon Sun and Moon is also due to be released by the end of the year – more sales will eventuate there.

Pokémon is the second best selling video game franchise, only behind Mario. Here’s to another 200 million!

Source: Famitsu (Japanese).