Pokémon Mystery Dungeon re-release for Wii U

Europe gets the first chance to replay Pokémon Red and Blue, Mystery Dungeon style.

The duo Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games,  Red Rescue Team (for the Game Boy Advance) and Blue Rescue Team (for the Nintendo DS), have been previously rumoured to make their way onto the Wii U’s Virtual Console. Today confirmation has arrived – this Thursday in European countries, you can pick up Red Rescue Team for €6.99/ £6.29, and the Blue version for €9.99/ £8.99 on the Virtual Console.

There’s no news yet for other regions; for now it’s Europe only, and the first time these games have been re-released. Are you interested in trying out the first Mystery Dungeon games, or perhaps playing through them again? Let us know in the comments!