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Interview with Doctor Gardevoir

Fact Checking Gardevoir interviews Doctor Gardevoir, Head of Level 30 Psychiatry office!

FCG: “Hello everyone! Fact Checking Gardevoir here, in a world all of us did not know existed… Venatus Prime! Today, in Light City, where so many strive to coexist in peace despite their differences, we will interview one who dedicated herself to helping everyone in need: the one and only, Doctor Gardevoir! But thankfully, she is not alone to face such task!
So, Doctor, can you introduce yourself and your colleagues?”

DG: “Hello, my name is Doctor Gardevoir and I am the Head – and only – Psychiatrist of Level 30 Psychiatry, based out of the Mega Man Memorial Hospital in Light City. My practice is aided by the staff of the Mega Man Memorial including Head Nurse Chansey, Nurse Audino, and the Director Roll Light.”

FCG: “I am happy to see you had the luck to meet such helpful and reliable people to second you in this job! Before we continue though, I would like to ask you about your life before you ended up here.
Which region of the Pokémon world do you come from? Did you live in a city?”

DG: “I… I don’t have much, if any, of a memory of what came before my life here… but I’m trying and I don’t let the past bother me. This is where I belong.”

FCG: “For the next question, I would not have a clear answer for myself… All I know is that I was investigating rumors on a space-time distortion in a Mirage Cave in Hoenn… The next thing I knew, I was here!
Do you know how you arrived in this place?”

DG: “It’s kind of a blur. I haven’t given too much thought to those early days, but I woke up in Venatus Prime in the middle of a street battle between many characters and was aided by a group of helpful robots. I paid back their kindness by helping them with their mission to bring peace to this new world.”

FCG: “Intriguing! Could it have been caused by Team Galactic’s schemes? Would it be possible for Palkia, or an even higher entity to be involved? Or is it that the more we know about space and universes, the more we are aware that we barely know anything? But these are questions to be answered in the future. Let’s get back to Venatus Prime!
How did it get this name and what can you tell me about this world between worlds?”

DG: “Venatus Prime is our home but we don’t know too much about it. What we do know, all of our original worlds were lost to a cataclysm but the… how do I put it… the souls of those worlds lived on in the void until they arrived here. We’re slowly rebuilding what was there before and learning to share it with new neighbours.”

FCG: “… Wait. Did you say all of our original worlds were lost… to a cataclysm?”
But that means… Oh no! Where will I find more Lava Cookies!? Chocolate Sweet Hearts!? ORAN BERRY JUICE!?”


FCG: “… Yummy! These Lava Cookies and Oran Berry Juice tasted so good!”

DG: “OK, now that you’re feeling a bit calmer, I can let you know that I don’t think your world was destroyed. People show up with parts of their worlds, and we haven’t heard reports of a second Hoenn.”

FCG: “… Good to hear! Aaaand yes, I do feel better now… sorry for getting… carried away… Hehehe… Let’s get back to our interview! What led you to take this precise job of psychiatrist?”

DG: “When the world was in chaos there were a lot who could help with injuries and explanations but there was hardly anyone who could help people deal with the mental part. It would be difficult to get the training and qualifications but I became what the world needed me to be to help.”

FCG: “I am happy to hear you have found your calling in such unusual circumstances! Any highlights in your career that you want to share?”

DG: “I can’t share too much without breaking confidentiality, but the high profile breakthroughs made with Kratos were particularly notable. The PS4 game cut out a lot of the transition between his different outlooks, let’s say that much.”

FCG: “Kratos, the big, tough guy in white with axes, that I met on the way here? Cool! And the PS4 game… wait, do you mean Pokémon Stadium 4 ? Do you really have this game here? We don’t even have a third one in my world! Does that mean we are in the future here? That is so neat!”

DG: “No, not Pokemon Stadium 4, it’s… probably too in-depth to get into right now. Point is, if you’re willing to open up, then we can work together towards making you and the world you live in a better place.”

FCG: “It will be quite the change, but have I ever said no to an adventure?

Thank you for your time, Doctor Gardevoir! I look forward to see your colleagues and you again, in your Level 30 Psychiatry office. This place is very lucky to have you!”

DG: “Thank you. Good luck with your future endeavours.”

FCG: “And that’s it for today, everyone! See you later, for our next interview! Stay tuned!
And if you’re interested in taking part in an interview – or being the interviewer – let us know in the comments!”

Level 30 Psychiatry webcomic.
Image header made by Lavender.

Edited by Bobandbill and Confused Piplup.