Niantic makes decision that everyone actually likes

The brand-new feature has made everyone’s day! What a time to be alive.

Following the wake of the unpopular changes to Remote Raids in less than a week’s time, Niantic has suddenly implemented a new feature to Pokémon GO.

This new addition has received rave reviews, with literally nobody disliking it. We know, we’ve asked around! And no wonder – it’s just so obviously a good change to the mobile game with zero drawbacks, that appears to be well thought out, and with no hint of corporate greed behind it. It genuinely increases player enjoyment of the game.

“Yeah, it’s really great!” Pokémon GO player Ledge ET. Pearson stated. “It’s quite surprising too, given the various changes and problems we’ve seen of late that haven’t been so great, such as the more expensive Boxes, the unannounced A/B testing of said Boxes in the in-game Shop, continued lack of clarity about the actual rarities of Pokémon species and Shiny rates in Eggs that are for all intents and purposes lootboxes that are not treated as such by any country or App Store, the various issues experienced worldwide with Elite Raids that required people to travel to specific Raids just to get a new Pokémon only for many to be unable to even battle the Raid Boss for the chance to catch it, the continued bugs plaguing the Battle League, the inability for many Android users to even log into the game reliably that took months to be acknowledged but certainly not fixed, game server crashes, the shortening of Community “Day” events back to three hours, Adventure Sync failing to track distances while the game is minimised or closed for months, lackluster Pokémon appearing in Research Breakthroughs that just remind us of when we used to get Legendaries, the lack of previously implemented perks for Fest events such as being able to access Community Day moves for relevant Pokémon, the turning off of Shiny Pokémon due to a lack of proper version control, the…”

That conversation became too depressing, so we left and talked to someone from New Zealand instead. “I like it!” After some further prompting, they added, “I already thought today was great, because we didn’t add to the list of over 100 bugs we experienced just for living close to the International Date Line with today’s event. But now we got this new actually great feature! It’s amazing what a company with billions of dollars of revenue, working with the companies that co-own the highest grossing media franchise in the world, can actually do. I wish every day in GO could be so well managed.”

Unfortunately, a spokesperson from Niantic confirmed that such a decision did not align with their vision for the game, and was making players too happy, and so it was unlikely to be repeated again.

Edited by Aldo.