Pokémon Fangame Direct, Eevee Expo 2, premiering today (3/5/2023) at 12PM EST!

The second Eevee Expo event approaches, a direct dedicated to showcasing the Pokémon fangame community!

The second annual Eevee Expo event is set to premiere at 12PM EST on their official YouTube channel, showcasing a slew of content and trailers based around the Pokémon fangame sphere.

The Eevee Expo is a organized collaboration of makers to better showcase projects happening in the Pokémon Fangame scene in form of short-form trailers.

The first Eevee Expo ran for 55 minutes and featured content from many different areas of the fangame community, including interviews with two of the lead developers of Pokémon Reborn, a trailer for a fangame based on Lockstin’s and Gnoggin’s Kaskade Region, as well as up-and-coming engine technology with BonzaiRob’s 3DPE.

All previously mentioned content can be found exclusively within the first Eevee Expo here.

The second Eevee Expo event will be feature a similar amount of content with new trailers, as well as a visual facelift from the last event.

They will also be live-tweeting the event on their Twitter during the premiere as each trailer goes live.

What kind of content are you looking forward to? You can catch the Eevee Expo 2 premiere on their YouTube!