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Check out this new complete fan made PokéRap

Check out this fan made updated PokéRap. The project brought on 927 artists to draw the various Pokémon in the video.

A project called the Updated PokéRap released their completed video of an updated PokéRap. This is very much fan made, and is not an official update by any means but it doesn’t stop fans from doing this anyway.

The thing that makes this very interesting and neat is each time they show a Pokémon it is done by a different artist. The video’s description says 927 different artists helped pitch in on the project. You can watch the video down below, but here is the video description as posted by the channel on YouTube. You can follow them on their Twitter account too if that is your thing.

927 different artists have come together to each draw every Pokémon known (as of November 19, 2021) and compiled them all into this, the Updated Pokérap! This project has taken over a year to come to fruition, but it’s finally here, so I hope you enjoy!

Edited by Siddhar