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Here’s a great cover of Cynthia’s themes for you

We take a look at pianist Suzuki Yuyuta’s take on the Sinnoh champion’s themes, as well as a few other videos of his.

We’re only a few days away from the release of the Sinnoh remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Naturally, there’s plenty of fan content flying around the internet.

But today we thought of highlighting a sweet little video of 鈴木ゆゆうた (Suzuki Yuyuta) that caught our eye. Here we see him covering Cynthia’s intro sequence and battle theme on the piano….. In a rather hilarious fashion. Have a watch:

There’s an older video where he covered the same songs completely too.

Yuyuta has a plethora of piano covers on his channel, spread across various franchises. This wasn’t the only Pokémon related work of his. There are a couple other videos. Here’s one with him listening and reacting to the original Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games’ Route 209 theme and covering it immediately. Note that his dialogue in the video is all in Japanese, although if you want a taste of his work, you are welcome to have a watch:

In a similar fashion he also reacted to Champion Iris’ battle theme and covered it, and you can watch it here:


His other videos are great to watch as well, and his musical talent is very appreciable. Well, we hope you enjoyed these covers! Let’s gear ourselves to see what music the remakes themselves have to offer.
Speaking of covers, how often do you listen to cover songs? And who are your favourite cover artists?  Let us know! 

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