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Gotta Eat ‘Em All: Pokémon’s collab with Krispy Kreme, Oreos and McDonalds

Pokémon’s made more food cross-overs of late, and we review the offerings from Krispy Kreme side!

Pokémon is no stranger to merchandise and food-based advertising, but it does seem to be in full swing of late. Three major brands in the West have started collaborations with Pokémon for a delicious outcome (even if it’s an unhealthy one).

Australia has been a surprise benefactor of these. McDonalds have had various promotions in the US and Japan with Pokémon the past year, but a 25th anniversary promotion has seen TCG sets, and stickers, be given out with meals Down Under. Krispy Kreme, however, has not had such a promotion this year anywhere, and instead started in Australia with a special set of doughnuts featuring Pikachu, the Kanto Starter Pokémon, and a Poké Ball on their desserts!

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The box was neatly presented, even if Bulbasaur’s image on the back of the box comes with the same generic art it’s had seemingly forever these days – the top can be flipped so the Pokémon ‘stand up’. It is a pity that half of the doughnuts are stock-standard Krispy Kreme doughnuts (three-quarters if you opt for the double pack).

What is unique are the five different flavours, with two allocated to Pikachu. Each themed doughnut has a unique filling and icing – Pikachu has a chocolate cream inside, and Squirtle had a tasty jam (or jelly) filling. Bulbasaur stood out with its green apple flavouring – unusual, but one of this writer’s favourites. Bulbasaur’s doughnut also had the best presentation compared to the rest. The other two were less impressive in comparison in taste, although at least the Poké Ball one had sprinkles added. Of note too are the pictures in the centre of the themed doughnuts, which were edible and quite tasty!

There’s no sign of Krispy Kreme’s collaboration moving over to other countries as yet. Fear not, however, as in the US, Oreo announced a themed set of Oreo Cookies (with some rarer than others) within a collectible tin, through a neat animation on Twitter.

Has your sweet tooth become coated in drool over these announcements? What sort of Pokémon-themed food would you like to consume?

Doughnuts also tasted for scientific purposes by Sheep.
Edited by Kitty.