New Pokémon Snap getting new content next week

And it’s free! 20 more Pokémon to stalk and snap.

Run out of Pokémon to photograph in New Pokémon Snap? Good news for you – the game is getting a free content update, adding 20 Pokémon and three new areas! This update will be available to Americans on Tuesday the 3rd of August – more specifically, 10 a.m. in Japan (1 a.m. UT) on the 4th of August.

You will be able to investigate areas such as exploring the first course of the game from a tiny size, a river running through a valley with rapids, and a wilderness area featuring a canyon and poisonous swamps and geysers. Each of these areas will have a day and night version.

Are you excited to pick up the game again and explore these new parts of New Pokémon Snap? Who do you hope has been added to the game?