Pokémon Masters EX trends on Twitter for the wrong reasons

The name change may not have worked as intended.

Pokémon Masters EX recently underwent a name change, adding the ‘EX’ to its name to represent new additions to the game and celebrate its anniversary. This somewhat odd decision has meant the game now advertises itself under the hashtag of #PokemonMastersEX on Twitter.

However, when capitalisation disappears, you simply get #pokemonmastersex, and it’s easy enough to read it as ‘Pokémon master sex’. #whoops

It may not have been an oversight on the developer’s part though in this sense – after all, it’s unlikely the game’s hashtag would hit the top of trending worldwide in normal circumstances.

No such thing as bad publicity, perhaps?

It’s silly, and fairly unimportant, but amusing nonetheless. We’ve gotten some laughs out of it at least!

Edited by Aldo and Corviknight.