Isle of Armor to release on 17th June, more details revealed

Part one of the Expansion Pass has had a focused video on it today.

Part one of the Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield, the Isle of Armor, will release on the 17th of June.

Highlights of the somewhat surprisingly short videos, and further information from the official websites, are:

  • Galarian Slowbro has been confirmed, with a Shellder on its arm. It has been confirmed to be Psychic/Poison type.
  • Shell Side Arm is a Poison-type special move in which this Pokémon fires poisonous liquid from the tip of the Shellder attached to its arm. This move may poison the target. Moreover, it inflicts either physical or special damage depending on which will damage the target more.

  • We’ve spotted more old Pokémon returning to the Isle of Armor such as:
    • Swablu
    • Luxray
    • Tauros
    • Scyther
    • Whismur
    • Druddigon
    • Sandile
    • Oranguru
    • Tangrowth
    • Exeggutor
    • Poliwhirl
    • Kangaskhan
    • Lycanroc
    • Bouffalant
    • Emolga
    • Mienshao
    • Dragalge
    • Staryu
    • Scraggy
  • To be confirmed, but seemingly returning as part of the Crown Tundra DLC, we have:
    • Absol
    • Relicanth
    • Cryogonal
    • Magmar
    • Aggron
    • Magnezone
    • Lurantis
  • A giant tree features in the Isle of Armor.
  • You appear to arrive on the Isle of Armor by Train.
  • In the Crown Tundra (DLC part 2), there is a new Dynamax Adventures mode, where you investigate burrows in a team of 4 Trainers searching for Dynamax Pokémon. The official Japanese website for Pokémon Sword and Shield suggests this is a way to encounter Legendary Pokémon.

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  • Also in the Crown Tundra DLC, there is a Galarian Star Tournament, where you can rematch Galar Gym Leaders and Leon in Double Battles. This is held in Wyndon City. You can pick a teammate to participate with you from the NPCs.

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  • There is a machine that has the appearance of Cramorant, the Cram-o-matic. It merges four items that you give to it and spits out a new item. What item combinations will be possible?
  • New Tutor moves will be available, which can be exchanged for Armorite Ore, found via Max Raid Battles on the Isle of Armor and “other means”.
  • Burning Jealousy is a new Fire-type move that can be taught starting with this expansion. When it hits, it deals damage to all opposing Pokémon and burns all opposing Pokémon that have had their stats boosted during the turn.
  • Grassy Glide is a new Grass-type move that can be taught starting with this expansion. This move has high priority when used on Grassy Terrain!
  • Max Soup is a special dish made from rare ingredients you can gather on the Isle of Armor. If a Pokémon with great hidden potential drinks Max Soup, it will become a special Pokémon capable of Gigantamaxing.
  • The Isle of Armor will also introduce a way to challenge yourself to some new battles! With Restricted Sparring, you’ll be limited in what types of Pokémon you can use and forced to battle under set conditions!
  • The typings for Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres have also been revealed. Galarian Articuno is Psychic/Flying, Galarian Zapdos is Fighting/Flying while Galarian Moltres is Dark/Flying.

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    • Galarian Articuno gets Freezing Glare, a Psychic-type special move in which the Pokémon attacks by firing psychic power from both eyes. This move may also leave the target frozen.
    • Galarian Zapdos gets Thunderous Kick, a Fighting-type physical move. Here Zapdos overwhelms the target with lightning-like movement before delivering a kick. This also lowers the target’s Defense stat.
    • Galarian Moltres gets Fiery Wrath. In this Dark-type special move, the Pokémon transforms its wrath into a fire-like aura to attack. It may also make opposing Pokémon flinch.
    • The names of the new Regis have also been confirmed to be Regieleki and Regidrago. Regieleki is Electric type while Regidrago is Dragon type.
    • Regieleki learns Thunder Cage. In this Electric-type special move, the Pokémon fires furious bolts of electricity from its lower half, trapping opponents directly below it in a cage of lightning. Thunder Cage doesn’t only deal damage to opponents when it lands—it will also cause them to be trapped within an electrified cage, causing damage every turn for four to five turns and preventing them from fleeing or being swapped out.
    • Regidrago learns Dragon Energy. The Pokémon assumes a shape similar to a dragon’s head, then fires intense dragon energy from its mouth. The more HP the user has remaining, the higher the move’s power.
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    • We’ve gotten a better look at Gigantamax Venusaur and Blastoise.
    • Grass-type attacks used by Gigantamax Venusaur will change to G-Max Vine Lash. G-Max Vine Lash doesn’t just deal damage to an opponent when it hits—it will continue to deal damage for four turns to any Pokémon that isn’t Grass type!
    • Water-type attacks used by Gigantamax Blastoise will change to G-Max Cannonade. G-Max Cannonade doesn’t just deal damage to an opponent when it hits—it will continue to deal damage for four turns to any Pokémon that isn’t Water type!

You can also now claim the Galar Starters with their Hidden Abilities by transferring a Pokémon from Pokémon Sword and Shield to Pokémon HOME.

What did you think of the latest news and rather soon release date?

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