Eggs and free Daily Scout in Pokémon Masters, more datamines found

We have the movesets for the heavily hinted towards Ho-Oh now, alongside three new 5* sync pairs! There’s other neat additions to the game too.

Pokémon Masters has updated today, and brought about a slew of improvements. Eggs are now added granting players the choice of a generation one Starter, a free Daily Scout can be performed, and dataminers have discovered more upcoming 5* Scout characters. Be sure to check your app is updated!

Thanks to dataminers poke_malea and absol__utely once again for sharing their findings!

Eggs now live

Upon starting the app after updating, Professor Bellis will prompt you to choose an Egg containing Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. It is not known if you can obtain the other Starters later. They reportedly have the same or similar stats when evolved, and while they can evolve, don’t expect Charizard to rival Red’s one.

Blastoise may be a good choice if you want another Water type to take on Ho-Oh in its upcoming event. It would also benefit from Rain Dance teams, if they are released later. Meanwhile, Venusaur will enjoy Sunny weather, which will be granted by Ho-Oh.

To hatch your Egg, partake in 5 battles after obtaining it. You can increase their power via raising Affinity via a new item, ‘Berry Tarts’, available outside item exchange at 3* and higher in future updates (1* and 2* available now).


Razor Leaf
Dire Hit
Solar Beam (the charge takes 2 turns if the weather is not Sunny)
Race You! (+1 Crit and +2 Speed)


Bubble Beam
X Sp. Atk
Hydro Pump
Race You!


X Sp. Atk
Fire Blast
Race You!

Stats at 3* before using higher level Sweet Tarts, at max level and evolution:

HP: 353
Attack: 225
Defense: 97
Special Attack: 225
Special Defense: 97
Speed: 176

4* stats:

HP: 480
Attack: 290
Defense: 120
Special Attack: 290
Special Defense: 120
Speed: 240

Daily Scout

A Daily Scout option has been added! You can access the ‘banner’ for it from the “Sync Pair Scout” option in the in-game Shop. It is a 10-fold summon that includes items, and seemingly a low chance to get sync pairs – including select 5-star characters.

Datamined sync pairs

We have details on Silver & Ho-OhJasmine & SteelixWallace & Milotic, and Wally & Mega Gallade. The Silver & Ho-Oh event will start on the 30th of April. The current prediction is that Wally’s banner will debut first, followed by Wallace and then Jasmine. They are all 5-star characters.

Silver & Ho-Oh 

5-star Fire Physical Strike character

  • Overheat
  • Solarbeam
  • I’ll Show You (+1 to Evasion and Critical Hit rate; doubled in Sunny weather)
  • Sacred Fire

Passive Abilities:

  • Charging Sun 6
  • Speeding Sun 2
  • Solarize – turns the weather Sunny after using its Sync Move

Sunny weather is the name of the game. It will surely pair well with Fire types, and other Pokémon that benefit from Sunny weather, such as Meganium. Charizard does already exist as a Fire-type Strike Pokémon, but at least Ho-Oh is free to obtain and max out, and differs in being a Physical striker.

Jasmine & Steelix

5-star Steel Support character, weakness to Water

  • Gyro Ball
  • X Defense All
  • Clang! (Blocks Critical hits and stat-lowering effects from your allies side)
  • Iron Tail

Passive Abilities:

  • Endurance

Sync Move: Steel-Clad Iron Tail

Jasmine is a Support character, and will benefit teams that appreciate the defense boost and protection from debuffs. It can also prevent Critical Hits, so it’ll be great against opponents who rely on that, such as Karen & Houndoom, or Guzma & Golisopod.

Wally & Gallade (Mega evolves) 

5-star Fighting Strike character, weakness to Ghost

  • Low Sweep
  • Dire Hit
  • Focus Blast
  • Here I Come! (+1 Atk and Sp. Atk., and +2 accuracy buff)

Passive Abilities:

  • Posthaste 9 (+2 Speed when hit by an attack)

Here I Come seems like it’d be useful to use before the often unreliable Focus Blast, and Gallade may prove to be quite the speedy Pokémon thanks to its Passive. Being able to buff its Attack and Special Attack, Critical Hit rate, and accuracy, suggests it may be reliant on those self-buffs to perform.

Wallace & Milotic 

5-star Water Tech character

  • Brine
  • Whirlpool
  • Grand Illusion! (Reflects status conditions at itself and allies to opponent instead, and grants Endure on itself)
  • Mirror Coat (Charge move, with 100 Power and accuracy)

Passive Abilities:

  • Stationary Target 5 (Powers up moves when target is trapped)
  • Pokey Trap 5
  • Recuperation 2 (Restores HP after using Sync Move)

Sync Move: Aquatic Prince Hydro Pump

Wallace will be all about a mixture of support (a perfect choice when the opponent is known to attack with Status) and hindering opponents with Whirlpool to power up his own attack. Plus, he’s glorious.

Other news

The Silver and Ho-Oh event will reward players with three 5-star power ups, a 5-star striker move candy (useable on the likes of Red), and 1,650 Co-Op sync orbs via the Ho-oh event. We got a preview of it as well. 

More Sync Grid expansions will be available, such as for Cynthia (scheduled to have a re-run in a couple weeks). Korrina and Skyla will also receive this upgrade.

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The Battle Villa will expand into 30 Halls, and feature a new boss called Darach at the end who uses a Houndoom.

You can change the order your team members are targeted by opponents via a Tactics feature in the team selection for Single Player mode.

Co-Op sync orbs can appear for clearing Supercourses, and are no longer farmable in the old way.

Lastly, Move Candy has been added to the game, which allows you to increase the Sync Move Level of a sync pair. Hurrah!

Which new character are you going to try to summon? And which Starter will you choose?

Edited by Zach.