Major discoveries revealed from Pokémon Gold and Silver demo

Sprites galore including alternate versions of Pokémon, and changed Trainers, have been released today.

Files from the Spaceworld 1997 and 1999 demo versions of second generation games, Pokémon Gold and Silver, have surfaced today. Sprites of scrapped and earlier versions of Pokémon have appeared, as well as other details.

We are currently opting not to show images, as various websites (such as and Twitter users have been recently informed to pull such content by Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.

In order to avoid getting BTFO’d by Nintendo lawyers, I have removed the sprites from the 24.04.2020 source code dump.

I was not, and will not be, distributing the source code leak. If you would like to confirm it for yourself, I’m afraid I cannot help you. What was originally hosted on here was only images of the front sprites, back sprites, and trainer sprites; as well as a few pages on interesting unused functions and music. I was not the leaker, nor did I have ties to whomever posted the source code.

Thank you to the community for helping dig through and help these old unused Pokémon sprites see the light of day.

However, sources listed below show some of this content, and are linked to.

Highlights for the things found from the different builds since Spaceworld 1997s build include:

  • Evidence Cyndaquil had its own difference in design and not originally intended to be the Fire Starter for Johto (in line with the previous leaks we reported on). Cyndaquil seems to have links to ‘Volbear’ and ‘Dynabear’.
  • Japanese Pokédex entries for various Pokémon exist.
  • Generation 2 Pokémon cut from the final version include two species based on a koala and flower with a face. It is noted that we have since seen Komala and Cherrim.
  • Dunsparce had two different designs, while others such as Wooper looked fairly different.
  • Natu was a 3-stage line judging by a new sprite appearing between it and Xatu.
  • Celebi had quite a different look as well, and was a Normal type (possibly a placeholder).
  • Placeholder sprites were used, such as for Larvitar and Wobbuffet. In the latter’s case, it seems Wobbuffet developed from the ‘Twins’ Pokémon, the Girafarig pre-evolution from the Spaceworld 1997 files.
  • Kingdra’s beta design was pretty cool looking.
  • The Elite Four had the likes of Agatha, Lorelei, and… Giovanni. These sprites may have been placeholders, but it is notable that they differ to the generation 1 versions – that is, they had new sprites made.
  • Some line-ups of Trainers had changed, including Falkner having Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot at level 10 (the filthy cheater).
  • Music was unfinished in the Spaceworld 1999 build, such as a few areas using an earlier version of the Bicycle theme, and Kanto using generation one versions as placeholders.
  • The 1997 Spaceworld world map had been further worked on, with mini-Kanto slightly expanded for example.
  • Evidently the game changed significantly between the Spaceworld 1999 demo release and full game release – which was only a gap of about three months!

Sources: NintendoEverything and The Cutting Room Floor.

Edited by Sheep and Zach.
Thanks to ThomasWinwood for additional notes.