Three more Masters characters datamined from March update

Three new 5-star characters not recently hinted at are on their way to Pokémon Masters! Spoilers within.

Pokémon Masters has released a new update, and within it dataminers have been hard at work grabbing the yet unannounced details. Twitter users poke_malea and absol__utely have revealed three new 5-star characters are coming to the game.

They are as follows:

Plumeria & Salazzle 

5-star Poison Strike character

  • Smog
  • Move Gauge Boost
  • Sludge Wave (All enemies)
  • Outta My Way! (+3 Sp.Atk and Spd based on the amount gauge remaining)

Passive Abilities:

  • Superduper Effective 2
  • Antitoxin
  • Flameproof

Sync Move: Wicked Enforcer Acid Downpour

Plumeria may be a second solid Poison option. Her Sync Grid has a number of options, but nothing terribly focused. Toxic Power 3 may be useful, as you’ll be relying on Smog to Poison opponents.

Guzma & Golisopod 

5-star Bug Physical Strike character

  • Pin Missile
  • Dire Hit+
  • First Impression (Quick Move – 240 damage, but can only be used as first attack successfully)
  • Beat ‘Em Down (+4 Atk and Def based on the amount used)

Passive Abilities:

  • Danger Dodge 2 (+2 evasion when <50% HP)

Sync Move: Your Boy’s X-Scissor

Guzma looks like he will be a bulky attacker. Sync Grid options for him include further evasion and Defense boosts at low health with his Skill, protection against critical hits, and ensuring its first attack on entering a battle is a critical hit.

Clemont & Heliolisk 

5-star Electric Tech character

  • Electroweb
  • Mud-slap
  • Active! (+1 Spd and evasion. Sure critical hit next turn)
  • Parabolic Charge

Passive Abilities:

  • Piercing Gaze
  • Charging Sun 5 (Increased damage during Sunny weather)
  • HP Advantage 4

Sync Move: Light-Up-The-World Thunderbolt (more powerful the more the target’s speed has been lowered)

Another Electric-type user! Clemont will focus on lowering the speed of opponents, and can heal itself a substantial amount via a Sync Grid upgrade to Parabolic Charge. Mud Slap can aid the team too by lowering the opponent’s accuracy.

Other news

There are expanded Sync Grids on their way, for thes new characters, Calem, Caitlin (gains healing options and Sand Shelter), Viola (First Aid 4 and regeneration under Rain, with interesting trap utility).

There will also be Bug-type and Psychic-type Training Events, and a Solo Event area for Flying types. Caitlin will get her own Spotlight Scout banner, while Guzma and Plumeria are on the same banner as each other.

Which new character are you most excited for?

Edited by Sheep.