CGI remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back announced as Netflix exclusive

Pokémon The Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back gets a 3D CGI makeover, releasing only on Netflix.

The Pokémon Company and Netflix recently announced that Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution will be available exclusively on Netflix, and for all nations excluding Japan and Korea. Pokémon Day, that is, February 27, will witness the release of the CGI remake of the first-ever Pokémon movie.

The movie aired in Japan last July, where it turned out to be a high-grossing success. According to Emily Arons, Senior vice president of international business in The Pokémon Company, Netflix is the ideal platform to help them execute a global launch of the movie on Pokémon Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the worldwide fan base of Pokémon.

Here’s the English trailer: