Revealed! Two New Anime Characters and More!

Two brand-new anime characters for Pokemon: The Series revealed!

Two new Pokemon: The Series anime characters have been revealed yesterday on the official Twitter account and the official website. They include a brand new professor called (in Japanese) Sakuragi, and his daughter, Koharu, who has a Yamper as her partner Pokémon.

Professor Sakuragi is apparently different from the Professor Magnolia of the Pokémon Sword and Shield games, despite the anime’s tradition of often featuring important characters from the games. Professor Sakuragi works at Sakuragi Institute in Vermilion City, Kanto, where Ash and Go will start their journey across all eight regions of the franchise.


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Koharu and Go are said to be childhood friends.

Professor Sakuragi

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Sakuragi Institute

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What do you think of the new characters and location?

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