Watch the Glimwood Tangle livestream here

Keep checking back for updates! We’ve seen Impidimp, Morelull, and a new Pokémon – possibly related to Ponyta…

Today at 6 a.m. PST/9 a.m. EST/1 p.m. GMT/10 p.m. JST/11 p.m. AEST, the 24 hour livestream of the Glimwood Tangle location in Pokémon Sword and Shield will begin. Give it a watch below, and check back for updates we’ll make to this article summarising the new findings!

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Discoveries (bold = new or noteworthy)

  • Pikachu has been sighted for a few seconds. So too has Morelull, its first appearance in media for these games.
  • An unidentified tail has been sighted briefly.
  • A cry had been heard that belongs to Phantump. We’ve also heard what sounds like trotting.
  • A Swirlix flew by (already seen in promotional media). Now Phantump floated by.
  • Impidimp was shown!
  • A new Pokémon was sighted, albeit with some distortion around it. Check the tweet below for a video recording of it.
  • Cottonee has been seen flying by.
  • Ponyta’s cry has been heard.
  • Impidimp walked up to the camera. Something moving can be seen behind it.
  • The new, horse-based Pokémon has a rainbow mane.
  • Several clear videos, as well as a screencapped image, of the new horse-based Pokémon can be seen below!

Images and Videos

Pikachu confirmed.
Morelull got into Galar.

The new Pokémon