New Dynamax Camera website launches, leaks Galar Pokémon details

We can see a few more Pokémon have made it into Galar. What’s more, we have a hint on possible evolutions for the new Starters… spoiler alert!

A new Japanese website has launched to promote the new Dynamax feature in Pokémon Sword and Shield. When you upload a photo, the website will add a Dynamaxed Pokémon into the picture at random. This has given us a few new entries of previous-generation Pokémon to be found in the games – namely, Aegislash, Ribombee, and Sableye (and presumably others in their line – not including Megas).

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However, that’s not all we learned. Eagle-eyed Twitter user abcboy101 noticed codenames exist on the new website, including for Galar, or generation eight, Pokémon. They found these by uploading images and inspecting the outputed code from the website. The codenames have since been removed as of the 23rd September, so we’re unlikely to find out any more.

In short, noting that these codenames may not necessarily lead to the truth, what we can gather is the following:

What do you think of the new details, including Grookey possibly evolving into a gorilla Pokémon? Have you given the website a try with your own photos? We’ll update as more information comes through.

Edited by Sheep.