[UPDATE] Dragonite Stormy Island next map for Pokémon Rumble Rush

Dragonite-SR and Gardevoir-SR Summon Gears have been added!

Update: The next map for Pokémon Rumble Rush has turned out not to be Snorlax Sea, but rather Dragonite Stormy Island. It is possible Snorlax Sea will be the following map used.

New featured Summon Gears are:

  • Dragonite-SR (Dragon Rush)
  • Gardevoir-SR (Draining Kiss)
  • Dragonair (Dragon Rush)
  • Kirlia (Dragon Rush)

Dark Move PlusPoison Move Plus, Fairy Move Plus and Dragon Move Plus Gears have been added. Normal and Psychic Move Plus gears remain in the summon pool too. The map last for two weeks, and the rankings have been reset. Keep your strongest Pokémon from Charizard Sea for Tournaments!

Within the next day, the first map rotation for Pokémon Rumble Rush (Charizard Sea) will end. Website has reported that dataminers have found that a future map is Snorlax Sea, set on an island modelled on Vanilluxe.

Croconaw, with Aqua Tail
Kommo-o, with Dragon Claw
Machoke, with Wake-Up Slap







Machamp-SR, with Wake-Up Slap
Munchlax, with Body Slam
Snorlax-SR, with Body Slam







More Summon Gears are to be added down the track, including a Machamp-SR and Snorlax-SR pair, knowing Wake-Up Slap and Body Slam respectively. They’re likely to be as powerful as the previous Blastoise-SR and Charizard-SR Summon Gears. No other details are yet known.

We’ll bring more details when the update is released. In the meantime, check out our guide for Pokémon Rumble Rush!

Guide to progressing in Pokémon Rumble Rush